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Pandemic & New Moral Bonds

Title: Pandemic & New Moral Bonds: emotions, rationality, and character traits.


Summary: Is the COVID-19 pandemic fostering new types of connections in human relationships? Living in a pandemic resembles constantly carrying the weight of uncertainty. This has brought significant changes to our family, work, social, and even religious interactions. While various philosophical discussions have explored moral issues related to the pandemic, human relationships themselves have been overlooked as a subject of study. To fully grasp the implications of this new social dynamic, termed “pandemic relationships,” we aim to analyze how our relationships during the pandemic shape our moral lives. The project focuses on three key aspects: emotions, rationality, and character traits.

This project explores the emergence of new bonds in human relationships during the COVID-19 pandemic. It investigates emotional contours, rationality in decision-making, and the role of character traits in shaping moral connections. By delving into these aspects, we aim to gain a deeper understanding of the complexities and implications of pandemic relationships.